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Short Stories and Novels

Here you may search for short stories, poems and authors on e-Stories.org or on the web:



Childhood (37)Crime (80)
Drugs and Addiction (22)Everyday Life (110)
Experimental (135)Fairy Tales (339)
Fantasy (253)Friendship (18)
General (574)Growing Up (60)
Historical (56)Horror (123)
Humour (250)Life (339)
Love & Romance (255)Lyrics (2)
Mystery (106)Philosophical (84)
Politics & Society (77)Psychological (45)
Remembrance (97)Satire (43)
Science-Fiction (166)Serial (57)
Sorrow (88)Thoughts (115)
Travel Stories / My Home Country (28)War & Peace (36)

New Short Stories and Novels:

Title:Category:Author:Online since:Comments:
The Temple of Goddess Sarbamangala and DeulTravel Stories / My Home CountrySonali Roy10/16/2017
ESTRELLA DE TIERRAPhilosophicalFreddy Enrique Hoyos Dueñas10/10/2017
E il naufragar m'è agrodolce... (memorie dal dormiveglia)GeneralGabriele Zarotti09/27/2017
Updating 5a parteGeneralMauro Montacchiesi09/18/2017
Il filo del gas.Politics & SocietyGabriele Zarotti09/12/2017
Accadde al Moma.MysteryGabriele Zarotti09/07/2017
CandadosLifeLuis Alberto Serrano09/07/2017
Sourd des femmesRemembranceDavid Sellem09/05/2017
Arte o non Arte. Questo...GeneralGabriele Zarotti09/04/2017
L'uomo che sussurrava a Big Foot. (The Big Foot Whisperer)SatireGabriele Zarotti09/03/2017
O rei enlouqueceuPolitics & SocietyFlavio Cruz09/02/2017
Quién duerme a tu lado ?MysterySergio Lubel08/31/2017
El Número 907 de la Calle WhiteheadLifeFernando Otero08/30/2017
DESCONTADO... ((((Pseudoanticuento)))Fairy TalesJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez08/27/2017
UN POQUITO BUENOS Y UN POQUITO MALOSFairy TalesÁlvaro Luengo08/25/2017
Night Hong KongRemembranceLuis Alberto Serrano08/21/2017
UNA FIESTA MUY CARAFairy TalesÁlvaro Luengo08/21/2017
Basta un niente per distruggere un superbrand.Politics & SocietyGabriele Zarotti08/18/2017
No le fue bien Everyday LifeSergio Lubel08/15/2017
Spesso i libri ci scelgono. A volte ci vengono a cercare.RemembranceGabriele Zarotti08/10/2017
Los DescubridoresHistoricalAlvaro Vadillo08/09/2017
Non ficcate il naso in quei silenzi.MysteryGabriele Zarotti08/04/2017
RAGAZZI, SIATE RIVOLUZIONARI. DATEVI ALL'ARTE!Politics & SocietyGabriele Zarotti08/03/2017
Piano en La HabanaFairy TalesAlvaro Vadillo07/30/2017
A Alice e antimatériaThoughtsFlavio Cruz07/16/2017

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