Lianna Fox

Rum in Amsterdam

Let's drink some rum in Amsterdam,
When motley snow is falling down,
When frozen flowers dance around
A marble fountain. 

A marble heart
Is just an icicle of blood.

We drink some rum, and then - apart.
Here is your crowd, there is my crowd.
The stars above are laughing loud.

When this is answered, I'll sing dumb.
There's no solution to the riddle
That seemed to be twisted a little,
But little turned into a lump.

I did my best.
I do surrender.
It's tiresome to mill the wind.
Let's drink some rum,
The Great Pretender,
Under the Moon, so cold and print,

And hurl the rummers, knock to pieces.
A glassy puzzle is a waste.
Before the air is full of hisses,
Let's drink some rum.
Amazing taste!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Lianna Fox.
Published on on 02/12/2015.


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