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Birthdays (14)Childhood (33)
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Emotions (850)Everyday Life (108)
Experimental (692)Fantasy (201)
Friendship (84)General (1086)
Growing Up (82)Humour (370)
Life (729)Loneliness (205)
Love & Romance (1392)Lovegrief (275)
Lyrics (296)Marriage and Relationships (113)
Mother´s Day (15)Philosophical (476)
Politics & Society (507)Psychological (174)
Remembrance (148)Satire (71)
Sorrow (214)Thoughts (296)
Travel Stories / My Home Country (30)Valentine´s Day (5)
War & Peace (106)

New Poems:

Title:Category:Author:Online since:Comments:
NO TE QUIERO VERGeneralManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández05/29/2017
Illusion ( variante )ThoughtsPatrice Faubert05/28/2017
A queen and a queanMarriage and RelationshipsVolodymyr Knyr05/28/2017
Mil GuitarrasPhilosophicalJosé Luis Remualdi05/27/2017
A warfarePolitics & SocietyVolodymyr Knyr05/27/2017
Donkeys and monkeysPolitics & SocietyVolodymyr Knyr05/26/2017
- 1 -
Paraphysique de la cybernétiquePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert05/26/2017
Sediento de DiosLifeJulio Medina05/26/2017
A consolationPolitics & SocietyVolodymyr Knyr05/25/2017
You are my destinyTravel Stories / My Home CountryChrista Katharina Dallinger05/24/2017
An allyPhilosophicalVolodymyr Knyr05/24/2017
Vista soletaríaLonelinessJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez05/24/2017
WhalingEveryday LifeSven Eisenberger05/23/2017
A tressed galHumourVolodymyr Knyr05/23/2017
PENSEZ DIFFERENTGeneralManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández05/23/2017
La femme eunuquePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert05/23/2017
A repPsychologicalVolodymyr Knyr05/22/2017
Violence abiotique de l´économiePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert05/22/2017
A bed restHumourVolodymyr Knyr05/21/2017
Follow meEmotionsChrista Katharina Dallinger05/20/2017
- 1 -
A wail and a waleHumourVolodymyr Knyr05/20/2017
An implementation and a lamentationPsychologicalVolodymyr Knyr05/19/2017
APOCALIPSISEmotionsLaureano Ramirez Camacho05/18/2017
STO Service du Travail ObligatoirePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert05/18/2017
The (des)ireLovegriefVolodymyr Knyr05/17/2017

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