Meggen Welch

The Voices in My Head

It’s like lying in a grave. 

Buried alive - you hear them.

Your family. 

But you don’t care.

embracing the silence.

And yet you can’t escape it.


their cries and pleas. 

They mourn you and all the things you will never have

They wail because you are forever beyond their reach

And you?

You hear them.

Yet you are obedient to

the voices inside your head

The voices that tell you to not let them know

don’t give them the relief of knowing you’re alive

remain silent. 

Just as you have before. Be obedient. 

Listen to what the voices tell you - but still it has all been done before

you know it. you just don’t want to acknowledge it. 

This world is too old for you to be unique. 

Your pain has been felt before. Your Lies have been told before.

Your truths have been altert before.

And the sooner you realize this and just give in 

to the system

the sooner you will be at peace

with yourself

the world

and your desperatly crying family 


your grave.

A grave that is actually within and not beneath. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meggen Welch.
Published on on 11/29/2013.


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