Nadine Graul


why do you look at me
and expect a reaction?
I know, youve found my key,
feel inner satisfaction.
 but what do you want from me,
and what should I do?
you get it- now Im less than wee,
and its all caused by you.
what is the reason
for abusing my trust?
never expected such a treason,
my life collapsed into dust.
you promised you will care,
pretended to understand.
but you never were aware,
that I need a helping hand.
you have noticed that my mind is wild,
and then you were afraid.
you behave like a little child,
and all I feel was hate.
with that conduct you lost my key,
and you never will get it back.
what do you expect from me

after giving me the sack? 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nadine Graul.
Published on on 01/03/2006.


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