Ariya Chinnoy


My head keeps spinning around
What did I do to be on this ground?
Still those celestial elements are there
In the sky of ancient times.....
But only few can still gaze there
And get hypnotized every time
I happened to be one of the gazer of this time
I felt like angels stay into one's heart
I was one of the angels
But one day a violent storm came
And that day I fell to the ground
I came to this earth as a fallen angel..Oh what a sound!!
And that day was my Birthday
I thought that I couldn't stay n this world of gay
Where every people is a clown in their own way
Where every people is fake and planning to kill something every day
Oh! What a place! How can an angel,here can stay?
But look at me now its those people who have changed me
And now I am also one of them..
What a joke!What a joke that hath played on me!
My lord!He did that to me..
Now still in this darkness I have a heart
Which keeps on creating a never ending sound
That what did I do to be on the ground?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ariya Chinnoy.
Published on on 07/31/2013.


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