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barodiner prakkale (Bengali - On the eve of Christmas)

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Free translation of the above Bengali poem titled as 'barodiner prakkale' meaning 'On the eve of Christmas':

After a long wait, the Christmas will arrive tomorrow; the whole world will get itself decorated with new ornamentation, yet the light of hope still remains in the dim. (1st stanza)

The little child is shivering in cold; the hungry does not get food; hypocrisy is raising its ugly head without any hesitation and doubts. (2nd stanza)

Greetings Cards are topmost in sale for wishing one another; cakes are also purchased. (3rd stanza)

It is assumed that some Sacred Heart will witness its decoration with candles tomorrow; it may be that schemes will be again designed in order to murder Jesus (symbolizing the innocent) in some dark cell. (4th stanza)

Judas (symbolizing the traitors) remained and still remains; the color and situation have only got changed; shades are mistaken for lights; hypocrisy dominates everywhere through the make-up. (5th stanza)

In spite of all these, O, Christmas! You are most welcome with the candles of love and respect. You are also requested to originate a unique music on the broken flute of the empty civilization.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonali Roy.
Published on on 07/26/2013.


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