Maddiie Vali



I never knew it was possible
to feel so much pain
because of so much love.

I figured I'll deal with 
the loneliness and the separation
but it's so hard.

I miss you and you miss me.
Why can't it just be simple?
Why does it have to be difficult?

Yes, I get to see you more 
Every day if we want.

But next year 
and the year after that
I'll have friends but I won't have you.

You're the one person
who brings out my good side
and aids my ambitions. 

When I am sad and alone
you're there.
Sometimes in person, sometimes on the phone.

Hearing your voice
soothes me and comforts me.
It's hard to think I won't be hearing it every day.

I know you feel the same pain
but I think 
you can cope better.

Clearly, I don't want us to 
forget each other.
But I also don't want to feel constant pain.

It's pathetic how my emotions
take over. 
I know I can't cry myself to sleep each night.

I know we need to live our lives
both separate and intertwined.
But I think I just need time.

To get used to things
To recognize the change
And to tell my heart that it's going to be okay.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Maddiie Vali.
Published on on 05/29/2013.


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