Ingrid E. Patrick


The Country Music World stood still today
on this April twenty-sixth day.
It hit us like an earthquake,
put a million tears in the sea of heartbreak.

The Lord has called him to his side,
has sent angels to guide him on his heavenly ride.

He was part of our life, we grew up with him,
have seen him perform and heard him sing,
Have seen him stumble, have seen him fall.
But he always came back – standing tall.

He shared his life with us, 60 years of his career,
from a Honky-Tonker to a Balladeer.
He worked so hard, has earned recognition and praise.
Not in a hundred years will the world forget his face –
his talent, his greatness and his grace.

Heaven’s door has been opened wide
to welcome George in the heavenly light.
When he left us, he was not alone -
on the wings of our love we have carried him home.

On every rainbow, letters written in Gold
will appear when his story is told.
In our hearts a warm and tender memory
will keep alive the George Jones’ legacy.

George Jones – this man will always be
one of the biggest stars in Country Music History.

R:I.P. George Jones

© Patty Patrick
26 April 2013


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ingrid E. Patrick.
Published on on 04/27/2013.


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