Balthazar N.Balenda

Come with me

Come with me
Lets fly
Come with me
Lets experience the world
Come with me
We can enjoy our lives

Come with me
The boat is going
Get in
Lets sail together
Look at the ocean
Lets walk in faith

Come with me
They are waiting for us
Children want to see us
Many people are so happy for us

Come with me
Lets be filled with wisdom
Lets run around the trees
We can be free from jail
The jail of doubts

Something new begins
Flowers are growing
I can feel it in the air
We can enjoy the blue heaven

Come with me
Come with me
Im coming with you
Lets go


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Balthazar N.Balenda.
Published on on 11/28/2005.


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