Ingrid E. Patrick

A True Friend

I can tell
when you, my friend, are not feeling well.
Even when you are far away
or have been hiding from me today.
A message of a special kind
is sent to my telepathic mind.

I cannot save you from turbulences,
cannot tear down all the fences.
But I can charge up your battery,
give you some of my energy -
can stand right next to you
to help you through.

I will give you a hug,
infect you with the love bug
and the strength it brings
to give your soul wings.

It will ease your pain,
save you from more restrain.
Rest safely in my arm,
away from any harm.
Take a moment to relax
Let me carry you in my tracks.

So please, just let me know
when you are feeling low.
And when I have a time like this –
give ME a friendly hug and kiss.
Turn around and come to me
to restore MY energy.

Be what I am to you:
A friend, caring and true.

© Patty Patrick


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ingrid E. Patrick.
Published on on 02/22/2013.


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