Maddiie Vali


A man and a woman
Love at first sight
Pure bliss, happiness
Yet, one day, she is gone
Nowhere to be found
A heart, broken
Desperately he searches for his stolen love

Two weeks go by, he cannot stand it, cannot live anymore
Without success, he has continued on
Wildly looking for more knowledge

Now he is done
Flicks a match to the floor
Watches as vicious flames take control
Clawing at the wood of the structure that once felt like home
They consume him
Still, he feels no pain
For his soul died when she disappeared

Ashes, all destroyed
A child, no older than seven, she spots it
Shining white, a porcelain elephant
Drops it into her pocket

That fire, long forgotten
A young woman now, she finds it once again
Takes in its bright white color, the blue accents
Remembers when she found it

Yet, suddenly
Upon the back of the elephant’s head
“Cromada Rodlo Fila”
Words still unknown
But never to be forgotten
Because they hold a story
A secret, a mystery
Of a lost love


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Maddiie Vali.
Published on on 02/09/2013.


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