Stefanie Mönch

A clique and a guy

A clique is a group.
And sometimes they stay on a street
And they meet
The friends of the group.
They are at school
And  they think they are cool.
But in the class of the group
There is a guy,
He is very shy,
And no one says to him "Good Bye!"
He is very nervous
And he thinks very serious.
Because his parents died,
When he tried

to open his soul. 
But nobody wants to see how he feels.
And the clique in his class thinks that he is a fool.
And than the clique,
Nikki, Allan and Rick,
Calls him stupid names like:
"Orphan child,
You are so wild.
And you are a dirty rat,
You are so bad!" 
Nikolai, this is the name of the guy,
"Why I am here?
It isn't fair to live here!"
" I would like to be in the sky,
With mum, dad und Lorelei!
I would like to be in the sky,
With God on my side,
i would die!"
In the class of the clique,
There was a guy.
He was very shy
And all the children
And the clique
Say to him Good Bye.
" Good Bye Nikolai!!"
Stefanie Mönch 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefanie Mönch.
Published on on 11/24/2005.


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