Rufus Murry Jr


10/28/2012                                                                                          By; R.M.J


                              To want to be free, to travel through a world that only show,s me
                        a hate, a hate that is not for me.  To open my eye,s and see your world
                        that look,s like a cemetary to me.  To never love anybody, anything from
                        your world mean,s,that I have learned to live,to live again.  A man live,s
                        then dies, that is when aman learns to be Free.
                               All that I carry with me burden my mind.  So to let go of what this place
                        is to be free.  So no I do not have to struggle for nothing. To struggle all th-
                        ese year,s to now findout, it is what it is, To Be Free.
                               To open my eye,s every day,to this world,what do I see just for me,just
                        for myself, just for I ?  I can see all thing,s that are for me.  I could every 
                        want.  FOR ME, FOR ME,ALL JUST FOR ME.
                        AMAN ".

                        Written By ; Mr Rufus Murry Jr.

                        " Time Is A ShortStory".

                                                                               ( Free )




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 10/28/2012.


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