Erika Seetzen-Woods

Lightning Strike

Fully dressed
waiting in the hall
of the guest house
at midnight,
our cases packed,
leaving in the morning.
We were in awe
of this electric force
above us,
hoping to be spared
its violence
bearing down.
Terrible flashes outside
followed by immediate
claps of thunder!
Some foreboding dawned.
Had we sinned?
Were we being punished?
Terrific crash occurred.
All lights went out.
Another crash
close to the house
made us cringe.
Were we doomed?
Lighting had struck
the large generator
kept in the basement.
The tree next to the house
received a deep split.
We were very lucky!
Erika Seetzen-Woods 2005


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Erika Seetzen-Woods.
Published on on 11/04/2005.


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