Iris Feller

La fugue

Help, help, help, everythings so bad
Au secours, au secours, Im so sad
What can I do, hes following me
Im afraid, so should I flee?
Well, no, thats no solution
But in my mind theres a confusion
Because Im not a hero, oh no
So I think that I have to go

Flee, flee, I have to flee
Help, help, please help me
Stay with me all the time
Cant you see how Im?
Im just trembling for fear
Oh, please, dry my tear

I see smiling people walking along the street
One person isnt smiling, oh, its a horror
My heart is beating faster, my bodys full of heat
I dont think that Im still alive tomorrow
I go into the next department store to hide
But he always finds me and stands by my side
So I rush out and run away from him
Until my brain will land in a loony bin

He follows me every day
Waiting until Im alone on my way
I hope that you wont leave me alone
Because then Im upside down
But if you dont want to help me
Then Im unfortunately free
Yes, free in heaven or hell
With the ringing of a bell


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Iris Feller.
Published on on 06/04/2004.


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