Merieme Agharmine

Perpetual candle

(This is the first write a poem in my life, it carries many meanings)

My life like a candle perpetual

Burning in the day, to urge him

If lit illuminated the dark Green

Will you keep the breeze from the air

I go to the sidewalk my feet

If the winds barely spermatorrhea

I looked on and reached the summits

I learned in the bosom of my nation

National precious not abandon Me

Teaches on the course of my life

I meant God intended

Did not disappoint my hope and my belief

I urged him with all my power

I beg him with all wounds

I called before plunging in the valley

My homeland Are you with me or against me?

Smile at me saying

Is happy to leave the homeland of the brave

I cried then and I learned

Waiting for me that my nation and my walls with all packages

Stood every cell in my blood

See my life chord

Whale begging me to pull the idea of ​​suicide

Sea is not likely to see more of the darkness


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Merieme Agharmine.
Published on on 11/19/2011.


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