Tilman Otto Wagner



BLACKunreal ... the first moment; tododreams - freestreamdeparture

over and o-o-over, and revo-revolving-
revolution. light-soul-DARK.

bleeding books on my soul-
shelf/self-realization. but anti-obstrusive,

vaginal FREE-
dom ... silence/back inside outside. grey. to see squalid 
escapes ... gla-gagagalaxy-glass faces. as if songs of glass - awayawakeaway -

time: "click-clack." "clack-click." an impression. first pic-pic. picture -

an impression. late soul-FLIGHT (beforemidnightshortdrink). behind eyeballs

passion FOR LIFE. colors. control. departure delayed/formalism - bleak SMILE;

immaculate infancy, postsexual - transsexual memory. transcendental

transgressive train-TIGER-EYES: photoimpressionism extroverted. mockery-plain

with desire. TILED_BRAINS_CONGESTURE. wolfen inVENTORY - severin - severe -

seventy - sexually - shivering - shining - seductive SPANK MONK frank-jerk-

hanky-tonk FRAGMENTS. lost land in no-mans-land. white. each similarity back-

shooting range: RAAAAGE RRRRAGE! goGODodogodgoGO-GIRLBOY. xenophobia. down-

beat mind acrobat ... off revolutionary art! WHAT? shallow smoke-mask

floating. wordsummer. red object NIGHT-thing. silence: critical; attitude -

social death preliminary/différance. thought-lottery. post scriptum: blank!

back-and-forth CONDITION ovum absurdum. tum-dum-tum, tabeng, tabeng -

pli_pli: ad absurdum. free poetry from form for freedom of fore thought!

vision vis-a-vis visual vista. ta-ta-ta-ra! ra-ta-ta! ta-ri, ta-ra! and

WHITElescopic reality.

2006 © by tilman otto wagner 



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Tilman Otto Wagner.
Published on e-Stories.org on 06/24/2011.


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