Melanie Schäfer

Mancunian Mists

infernal vibrations
slimy veins
creeping through

swords are a loop hole for sorcerers
instant kamasutra
herbal tea from a graveyard

naked birds stumbling
through Canal Street at midnight
the reincarnation of an SS-officer
is watching a fight between untermenschen with delight
the head of an Iranian girl who lost her virginity

another form of cut-up
it's all about love
I'm still craving you, Justin
what does modern neo-paganism think about dualism?
would you like some salvia?

muddy wild nature
witches riding on the storm
heavy brains climbing over a fence
game fatal error analysis consume trap

industrial leftovers creating a reddish, artificial dawn
a fur-clothed chieftain barking
no, we don't cross that bridge tonight, dear
a high-priestess smiling, the flesh of the innocent tastes so sweet
I've seen that place before

we don't go that way
that's where the dead man lives


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Melanie Schäfer.
Published on on 05/13/2011.


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