Joshua Akinwande


True friendship is a gift from God and not a right to be claimed
When it is offered to a man and discarded by him
It will always be picked up by someone that values it more
Friendship, true one; many look forward to have it but never come their way
Many crave for just a taste of it, but have disappointment instead
If you ask King David about the friendship of Jonathan, he will tell you inconceivable
If you ask Peter the apostle about the friendship of Jesus, he will tell you indescribable
If you ask a Christian about the friendship of the Holy Spirit, he will simply say incredible and phenomenal
We are faced with so many hostile and unfavorable conditions in our life pilgrimage
Never trade good friendship of the present for a bad experience of the past
Always value what you have ‘cos it will not always be there.

© 2010 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joshua Akinwande.
Published on on 04/12/2011.


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