Alessa Rohe

Sweet Christmas

Oh Christmas time, oh Christmas time,
yelling loud and drinking wine.
Beeing happy for a while,
dancing funny with a smile.

The Christmas tree looks fantasic,
Really big, not out of plastic.
The candles burning hot and bright,
very beautiful at christmas night..

The family is sitting down,
chatting what the TV has shown.
Laughing here and laughing there,
Harmony is in the air.

But not just harmony fills up the air,
`cause something`s burning anywhere.
The voice of the cat gets higher,
Oh my goodness, she`s on fire!

“Burn baby, burn” plays the TV,
the family`s panic is clearly to see.
They run all over, but not the daughter,
She finds the solution: A Bucket of water!

The cat is black, the livingroom wet,
it`s time to sleep, to go to bed.
They wanted something special this year,
This Christmas, the burning cat was here.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Alessa Rohe.
Published on on 12/12/2010.


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