Gerry Shorey

I Remember Dear Miep

I Remember dear Miep,she had fallen in love,

she had fallen in love with a snowy-white dove.

She watched for awhile, he was sitting so still,

The presence of love on her old window-sill.

Oh the snowy-white dove on her old window-sill,

she watched him there for awhile.

Sitting so still he then started to sing

a clarion song to his Master and King.

He then flew away, where was he sent?

His Master has called him to another event.

But he soon came on back to the old window-sill,

where he sat down so quietly waiting his will.

Now I wonder if I can do such a thing?

Or am I too busy to abide and be still?

Will I listen whenever the dear Master calls

or am I too busy to bother at all?

I thank you dear Miep for your sacrifice,

for looking to Jesus all of your life.

Thank you for caring for dear Otto too,

oh thank you for watching, you were one of the few.

This poem is dedicated to those who bore witness to the atrocities of Hitler's Nazis Regime.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gerry Shorey.
Published on on 10/04/2010.


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