Meike Schrut

This kind of summer

At night you hardly still find more sleep
Sweat already runs with the seat and with the standing position.
And, nevertheless, I was a little deflected somewhere else - yesterday!
In the warmth one must not exaggerate it with the gymnastics, it went well astonishingly, nevertheless, it was a little chiller and also the people were nice.
Flying creatures still seem to turn by, however, need no reason for the jump-off and already my finger was injured.
Do I sound now stupidly, cheerfully or even exhilarates?
This does not have to do it, but this kind of summer I always found tiresome.
Last in 1992 when I found it already at the end of May so oppressive, later in the space 25 degrees when I had already got you: my son.
Burnt lawn in this season: how hurts to the eye and the soul, the brown places are already to be seen.
Person, make, nevertheless, your environment nicer, or are you already so blunted at even some places that nothing at all more seems to go? 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 07/11/2010.


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