Sonali Roy

While through the Green

Beautified with the suns smile,
The sky peeped into
The deep green
And the gentle flow
Of the river,
Making romance with
Lovee and me
Alongwith the birds twittering
And the unknown flowers covering
The abode of nature,
Nurturing bond of ours
Spending minutes and hours,
With hearts silence,
And the worlds negligence
For the true minds
Dreamt of the garden free
From the weeds unkind,
But the pats lingering
With the dews falling
On the grass,
And the nightingales singing
On the branches,
Proceeding the union
Of the sky and earth
Falling at the horizon
Involved in joy and mirth.
The green
Which mars the comfort
Of the stone
Provoked me to be prone
To love-making,
A bad dream earlier
Now seizing me closer
To my darling-
My long-cherished love
That I never expected
To come in my life,
Like some heavenly pleasure
Free from every pressure
Of this earth,
And I like to have this
Whenever I take the birth.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonali Roy.
Published on on 04/16/2010.


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