Meike Schrut


I have given her to read, to hear to see how I read, heard, saw.
To understand the reader, it is not enough to understand in German or in English.
Yes, I cannot come behind his thoughts, cannot know how he read, heard, saw.
But I could find out as other people feel this as I felt.
Whether they were touched or remained unmoved whether they felt compassion or not.
If somebody played a lawyer like he, the image circles in my head whether I trusted. I clarified for myself:
"No! Where a man seems to be only a half with the thing, this does not function!"
Also she is a lawyer, but in the true life, I trust her, even if other you do not trust any more, all the same like the reason would like to be. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 04/10/2010.


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