Susanne Bruschke

Social (s)kills at first....

... or the reason, why I like House


There is a hospital down in the city
Where all M.D.s are so nice
A reformation was the reason
But anyone must pay the price

Sure, it was a really good idea
To ask every patient before
If he had felt satisfied and well treated
But they forgot something more

Cause many complained without knowledge
And did not see high competence
Not all should make people happy
Clear words help more than wrong tolerance

A few of the best M.D.s also were fired
To do the patients a favor
Now theres a best hotels service
So comfortable - No one cares bad medical labor.

Today people must work like a machine
And give just what all others want
Look at the fun factor everywhere!
Thats freedom for the most - and I understand...

But I want M.Ds who can heal me
No entertainer for my soul
Good when both things come together
But I dont need this -dead doesnt make me free
I have many character mistakes too
So I let M.Ds do what they must do
Im not in hospital for a happy interaction
To leave hospital alive is enough satisfaction


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Susanne Bruschke.
Published on on 03/01/2010.


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