Jens Marquard



I chose my provider;
let´s start it to type there,
a website shared,
with other users per
click, is urgently necessary,
that´s  internal internet;
finish with an enter key,
play with arrow keys;
open window streams,
you´ll meet`em in the chat,
feel the power phat,
heal your browser yet;

produce more files;
use more bytes;
work with software;
use more Hertz;
run by system,
use SD-ram,
choose a resolution,
by G-force absolution;

you´ve got a nice desktop;
what´s you without laptop
you like all the randoms;
you´ll snoop into programmes;
they´re all to see on the screen;
conveying energy;
if you copy or delete,

we get down with the cyber stream;
a virtual world is like a dream,
the processor does suit;
movies can be seen;
via DVD and Blu-Ray,
 it seems to improve all the way
the quality and quantity of capacity,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 12/30/2009.


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