Mairaj Zindran

Longing for a world

Where men run

Not from each for other

Not against each other

But towards one another, prisoners in each others arms, free forever.


Where I can run through a desert

Bare feet, bare soul

Towards nothing

Towards myself


Where souls aren't trapped in bodies

The body is invisible

The soul apparent

A smile, omnipresent


Where dreams are alive

And life is a distant forest

One that none venture into

Lest it pulls you inside.


Where I am one with nature

I am the elements

I am the rain that soaks me

The sunlight that burns me.


But I wake up once again, searching for a dream that lasts forever

And enter the doors that lead to the forest

I put on a smile and take solace in the night

Where I can once again burn in my own sunlight


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mairaj Zindran.
Published on on 12/27/2009.


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