Jens Marquard





Yeah boy, we´ve got something in common;

Get it started now, so come on;
make me your special someone;
you´ve got no commonplace face;
wanna say you are an ace,
let me be your soothing base;
and take you to our common place;

everyone knows that love´s a cute game;

Call your boy by his nickname;
do everything to maintain;
for you he´d do one and the same,
this love´s no longer just claimed;

Its strength can ever gain;
simply pull on the same chain,
and so erase all the pain;

You can get a little greed,
Then you desire for more speed;
you need him more than all you need,
you mustn´t let him drop indeed,
you have secrets, so make up your mind
and speak with him, there are things to find,
don´t be upset, don´t grind your bind

It´s better to always stay kind;

yeah boy, we´ve got something in common;
get it started with me come on;
we both like puns,
I see you can laugh,
it´s reason for our love;

Sure we´ll bake loaves of bread;
get it started with me, come on get;


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 12/24/2009.


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