Jens Marquard



part alpha, dance salsa,
its not far, away to start,
to laugh, you cant geT,
enough of, the bar
get your, target,
get your, baguette,
get chicken, and nuggets,
get sure, of that,
will make, you fat,



an introduction,

to celebration,

an application,

for destination,

listen to me man,

itll be insane,

the main station,

on the railroad,

to sensation,



part beta, is better,

than alpha, thats why

its written, with capital,

letter, play trend setter,

thats the matter, start the chatter,

you do, in stead errors,

solve the terror,



part gamma,

thats no dilemma,

listen to the drummer,

therell be no drama,

enjoy the summer,

it wont get any warmer,

check the informer,

he decides whether,

the crowd should storm the,

disco to make,

an ambience like the weather,

but risks to break,

the peace in there,



part delta,

its sheltered,

to storm the club,

dont stop,

it just can go up,

the ambiance is top,

I thought of tennis,

even no lob,

dropped would stop,

the develop,

that was lazy
hip hop or  pop,



part epsilon,

you have won,

you see the front,

of fun,

heavy like tons,

nobody has guns,

the stress is gone,

the party done,

this is a number one song


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 12/21/2009.


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