Meggen Welch

Annabel and Blake


 It was 4.02 am on a Sunday morning. Nearly everyone was asleep. Except Annabel, she stood in front of her bedroom window and stared out into the grey world behind the thick glass. Her mind was racing. She was remembering how Blake left. He left two days ago. He didnt say whether hell come back or not. She couldnt eat, sleep or go outside. Annabel still was hoping that he will come back when the time was right. And until then she would have to wait. He said he needed time to understand what she told him. He said he cannot believe that she didnt tell him about it years ago. He doubted her love. Annabel told him, she thought when he knew what had happened to her than he couldnt touch her anymore. That he wouldnt forgive her telling him he had been the only man in her live.


Slowly Annabel turned around and went to the bathroom. The mirror was broken. She smashed it when he went and left her with her desperate thoughts. It was unbelievable for Annabel. She had not cried until now. She begged him to stay but he went and she destroyed the beautiful mirror she wanted to kill herself with a piece of the mirror she got from her tormentor. But instead of committing suicide she ran out of the bathroom not able to see her face reflected in the shards a hundred times.

Now she was looking down and again she saw her face reflected in every shed but this time tears literally burst out of her eyes and a loud and releasing scream came through her lips. Annabel fell to the floor and curls herself up like a fetus. That was what she tried to keep herself from doing. But now she couldnt stop it anymore.

She didnt know how long she has been like this when she heard footsteps in the kitchen. Annabel jumped up and ran into the kitchen. There he was. Blake. But he was different. He looked awful. But not just Blake looked terrific also Annabel was not as pretty as she used to be. Both stared at each other until Blake fell down on his knees and started begging Annabel for forgiveness. She couldnt say a word. He had done so many mistakes. She of course was not perfect but he hurt her and pushed her to the edge of breaking down. But Blake was her true love. And she knew hed come back. And there he was. She stared at him and his words reached her mind. Baby please! I know I did everything wrong and that I reacted like a god damn asshole, but please forgive me! All Annabel could do was pulling him up and kiss him. She never wished for more than for him to come back, and now that he was finally back she just forgot all about her anger and was just happy to see him. The kiss was so intensive Annabel felt the pain disappearing and although it was rather late for him to react like this she just couldnt be mad or sad for one more second. He led her to the master bedroom and pushed her gently down on the big round bed. Lying on the red satin bedclothes with Blake spreading kisses all over her body made Annabel comfortable, not like in the past nauseous. Finally she could enjoy it. For a second the memory of her fateful childhood came back. And she braced for a second but then she looked at Blake and she knew he would never leave her and he would never take her with violence, like so many others did. Blake did his best to make her feel comfortable enough to let go. He took her shirt of and threw it into a corner. Suddenly Annabel was overwhelmed by a wave of passion. She ripped his shirt and pants of then she took off her skirt and threw it to the other clothes in the corner. Blake also could feel the passion rising he pushed Annabel down and they kissed more intensive than ever before. He let his hand slide down between her legs and started massaging her. She answered every movement with unbridled moaning. When he started sucking her nipples she thought she was in heaven. Then slid down and started seducing her with his tongue. Annabel pushed his head against her and couldnt stop moaning and saying his name. When she had her first orgasm she wanted more. She pulled him up and whispered: I want you inside me. I need you inside me. Please. Blake was so electrified by her words he couldnt wait any longer. He soaked into her and enjoyed the lustful moan coming from her lips. He started to move and soon Annabel settled in and they both lost themselves and found themselves again and as they were both satisfied, Annabel laid her head on his chest and they slept peacefully.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meggen Welch.
Published on on 08/06/2009.


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