Jens Marquard



Its my comfortable mansion,
releases me from tension,
I like the party sessions,
If I hit the top ten one
can see there are fans on
my side then I can on,
at least one isnt wrong,
these factors make me strong,


Take a look close at my cribs,
I have got a special tip,
there is a lounge for high vips,
this here is my pretty kitchen,
which will all the way
your ambiance a bit change,
look of course I am no bitch in,
this here is my so cool pool,
which will all the way,
your ambiance influence,
of course my home isnt cruel,
this is my bath with a bar,
its extra for picky stars,
of course you can see its own class,
here I show you my nice shower,
with massaging water power,
its fact, like lemons are sour,


This here is my living room,
if you aint got one, thats a doom,
but youve got one as I assume,
this here is my fat bedroom,
with a chimney exhausts fumes,
TV with that one can zoom,
Ive got to say home sweet home,
my lobby is with a dome,
my whole rooms do form a prom,
look up from floor to roof,
you can see the straight proof,
for the statement I wont move,
this here is my gorgeous garden,
as its very big and large in,
all the work is very hard in,


There are skyscrapers in Dallas,
villas in Sevilla,
condos in Orlando,
Palaces in Paris,
castles in New Castle,
hoods in Hollywood,
but my house is out of all the sweetest home sweet home,



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 06/10/2009.


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