Jens Marquard



Come let´s have some fun,
outside in the sun,
we´ll have worries none,
leave it all undone,
the stress will be gone,


Come spend with me the day,
we could go to the bay,
you´ve got time and you say, okay,
unfold the towels let´s lay,
then we can start to play,
let´s play beach-volleyball,
invitation counts for all,
there´s no rain up to fall,
this got me good against the wall,
for us the sun will shine,
for having a fine time,
we´ll long time keep that line,


then we can go on and swim,
I got an eye on Tim,
I got an eye on Jim, and Kim,
but out off all I observe him,
not updating my sim-card,
I´ve thought it would be very hard,
he seeks me like a bodyguard,
then let´s have a BBQ,
I forget ´bout all but about you,
we make some tasty spare ribs,
and therefore we´ve got salsa dips,
we also do make sausages,
and the spontaneous test to press,
some fresh juice of new oranges,
I look at him, he´s fabulous,


The sun is blazing,
nobody´s hazing,
it´s so amazing,
they´re chasing him,
but I´m this case in,
that he is facing,
and I´m not wasting,


then let´s go to collect shells,
he found one for me, that tells,
girls they wanna sell themselves, wellness,
he chose me, makes them jealous,
let´s listen to music sounds,
while we watch the sun going down,
before we drive back to town,
my everlasting love, I´ve found,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 06/05/2009.


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