Jens Marquard



With you boy I have been,
nice places we have seen,

it´s the contrast of being mean,
With you boy I was on tour,
it felt like having a cure,

it´s the contrast of being poor,
we snatched the stars
with our hands stretched,
it´s the contrast of being wretched,
together we were able,
to make love visible,

it´s the contrast of being miserable,
together we were heavy,
unlike the vibe in an abbey,

it´s the contrast of being shabby,


with you now,
feels like the contrast of doubt,
if we try,
we feel the contrast of shy,
with you snuggle,
is the contrast of struggle,
contrasts are effective,
our contrasts are attractive,


with you love,
feels like the contrast of getting enough,
with you share,
is the contrast of  unfair,
you´re full of strength,
it´s the contrast of being full of pain,
contrasts are effective,
our contrasts are attractive,


being with you,
is the contrast of being with a fool,
with you kiss,
is the contrast of being missed,
with you hug,
is the contrast of being stuck,
contrasts are effective,
our contrasts are attractive,


our contrasts are vast,
our contrasts do last,

our contrasts don´t cast shadows,
our contrasts bring trust,
contrasts are effective,
our contrasts are attractive,

This is meant to be playful. In Germany there exists an idiom that quotes: two differences pull on each other. I wanted to use this strong idiom to make a game out of it. It can be seen as a love game. Search for differences in your relationship and see how they attract each other.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 06/02/2009.


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