Gavan Duffy





scratched a lotto ticket

tossed it tward the sun

for little reason

whats done is done

could careless if it was the one 

that won

fate sealed 

like a blind bird 

flys into the trees

cant see the forest

nor the breeze

nor would he 

even if he wanted to see

understood as destiny

ran from peace and prosperity

into the arms 

of dictators and austerity

now marry me 

say the many to the one 

the whore to the priest 

angel to the beast

the truth of the lie 

can be seen 

in the eye 

let out a sigh

kick the pebbles on the road 

truth be told 

to much amazement

leaves the imagination dry 

like gum on a pavement 









All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gavan Duffy.
Published on on 04/21/2009.


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