Gavan Duffy


mind of a genius

trapped in an aborted fetus

the future is crystal clear

hazy as the clouds
that encompas Venus
meanness is the way of the twirling planet
God did not plan this
bleak tommarow filled with steel
and plastic 
a mans dying place 
constructed out of twigs 
and matchsticks 
nothing but a basket 
holding the sum total of a mans years
divided by his fears 
times the number of times 
of comited crimes
add the total of a mans wealth
subtract it 
by the doubt in ones self
equals a man who started with zero 
dies with zero 
a true hero 
like Nero 
who burnt down Rome in a day 
just for play 
nothing compared to the madness 
around the corner 
cameras on every corner 
wisdom dies
and we refuse to mourn her 
treat her like a whore 
to be used 
and abused 
what lies at the core?
walk through the door
down the stairs 
don't mind the eyes
and all their stares 
jelous of you 
a true revolutionary 
with his fist in the air
the dead one don't care 
only stare
at his 9-5 fate 
many men met this fate 
at the gloomy dock
lifting the wooden crate
ticking of the tic-toc

the lonley walk 
absent of cross 
or cressent 
exhale smoke
black coat

the grey street 
blends with the winter sky 
found himself imagining
lush green meadows
with the red blood rye

crimes by blue souls
 a simple clockwork of orange
the Devil and God 
sipping on purple wine
 sucking yellow lemon rhine
giggling at the timeless ecstasy of time




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gavan Duffy.
Published on on 04/20/2009.


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