Dirk Schumacher

Evil Dreams

Evil Dreams

Darkness falls across the devastated land
Scared she takes her lovers hand
Mist rolls through the dentures tween the hills
The only sound to hear is the sound of father death who kills
Harvesting on living
Feeding from giving
People a nightmare- like thrill
Making his way cross the sill.

Hear the seers words
Listen to his vision of the worlds
Colliding in a blast
People dying fast.
Can you feel the evil coming round?
Can you hear the evils nerve tattering sound?
Do you know that youre hell- down bound?
Do you still want to fight ground?

Dont give up the fight,
Dont close your eyes at night
Keep paradise in sight
And you will be chosen to see the light.

Fight the evil, fight it hard
Keep up the work and fight him well,
Fight the devil, dont share a part
Send the lord of evil back to hell!

Dont let casters cast their spells
Resist their evil deeds
Collect the seven heavenly shells
Theyre all the hero of light ever needs.

Let the demons of redemption
Scream as they like
May the lord of salvation
Blow them away with only one strike.

Any nightmare can exist
Without a dreamers dream
Any demon can enlist
Without an evil resurrection

(c) Dirk Schumacher 2009


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Dirk Schumacher.
Published on e-Stories.org on 03/01/2009.


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