Ingrid E. Patrick

Italian Arithmetics


Italian Artithmetics


It was on a bright summers day

that an Italian workman crossed a foremans way.

He wanted a job very bad,

but the foreman said:

If you pass the test, I will hire you

and this is what you will have to do.


Without using numbers,

represent the number 9.

Withouta numbers? the Italian says,

datsa fine.


So he draws up just three trees.

The foreman says: And what are these?

Ave you gota no brain?

Tree and tree and tree makes a nine.

Fair enough, the boss said. O.K. fine.


The second question will be tough.

Lets see if you are smart enough

to show the number 99.

The Italian draws a smudge on each tree.

Eacha of DA trees is dirty now. Datsa a 99, you see

because its dirty tree and dirty tree and dirty tree.


The boss with a worried look on his face

demands to see 100. The Italian stares into space,

then makes a little mark at each trees base.

Ere you go. One hundred is drawn up by me

A little doga come along and shita by eacha tree.


Now you gota dirty tree and a turd,

dirty tree and a turd

and dirty tree and a turd.

Data makea one hundred. Have you heard?


So, what you say, whenna I start?

Italians, they are really smart.


Patty Patrick



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ingrid E. Patrick.
Published on on 01/27/2009.


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