Silke Kaun

Sun was going down

We walked along the promenade
Sun was going down and we were well-content
We talked about everything and everyone
So it was fun
Then we walked past some shops with jewellery, fashion and
odds and sods
We stood in front of a shop-window and fooled around
We decided to go inside
And then we dressed up very fancy
So it was fun
We kept moving and drank a cocktail or two
Weve never drunk it before and it tasted good
While we walked at the promenade
We heard some loud music and it sounded good
Then we saw that weird guy
He played well and a lot of people were around him
So we got nearer
And this musician was famed, I think
Because someone gave me his name
This funny guy had a lot of instruments
In his hands he had a guitar
In front of his mouth you could see a mouth organ
such as Bruce
And on his back he had a kettle drum
but in fact we liked it
So we bought his great CD and listened to it
all night long
After his little promenade concert we had a talk with him
We walked down to the beach
sun was still going down
and we sat to the fireplace with Alex
That was his name
It got quite cold
But I was warmed by the fire
And so Alex sang another song
which made me wallowing in old memories
And after a while we just stood there
And did nothing but watching the sun going down
And it felt good


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Silke Kaun.
Published on on 11/14/2008.


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