Claudia Bachmann

Sold soul

Your world is deep darkness
wherever you are
and your hope has been lost
upon a long time
you can´t escape
no matter how far
the devil paints whole
of your way with crime
I see in your eyes
and it hurts me
I really want to lie
the truth away
but you´re damned
I know for eternity
believe me
I pray for you day by day
No might of the world
could help you now
cause you sold your
 soul to the devil
he tooked your soul
and cut it out of your heart
and forced it for beeing evil
Hear what I say
you damned devil
you can try to hurt me
during life goes apart
you can break my bones
take my house and all
but you never will get
my soul of my heart


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Claudia Bachmann.
Published on on 04/21/2005.


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