MollyBee Welkin

Old Gaffer Gander

Old Gaffer Gander garbed in Grecian gown,
a citrine board and tassel gratuitiously graced
his head as he sat gulping grapery -
guzzling gulps gurgling down his long white neck,
while a Grub Street Croft-book cuddled under his spread wing,
and his gaitered legs and webbed feet grazed the brass g(a)-rail.
Then through the doorway came Dame Gabby to Grotto's g(a)-rail,
a fallen-breasted goose in gala gypsy gown.
The barkeep Ginner wore a golden girdle into the storytellers' wing,
when Gioriana-cat gamdadoed into the air as eerie moonlight graced
the great cat, who had a mousey's neck
before the Gander, Dame, and Ginner at the grapery.
Up from a barrel bed scrambled Vagabond, a long-legged pup at grapery
and did a gallopade that scattered grain across the g(a)-rail.
O horrisonous honks soon swelled Dame Gabby's neck
and her gyrating wings soon split her gala gypsy gown.
As  Gaffer Gander was glomerating the barkeep Ginner, who then graced
over Gaffer his gargantuan wing.
Thus as gloom descended Gaffer Gander raised his directive wing
"The greyhound pup Gadder needs grill 'n gravy more than corn at grapery,"
in a gutteral honk. "Sea birds called 'Cape Sheep' have long graced
the air well south of Grotto's g(a)-rail; ...
you're well-blodded to take a gull  ... Gadder." as he feather-rippled his gown.
Soon the guesstimating pup Gadder necked Ginner a 'tidings farewell' neck to neck.
Now t'was a year since Ginner necked 'a blessing' neck to neck.
The gargoyle gaslights flickered grotesque graffiti in the Grotto's wing.
Dame Gabby's gew-gaw garlands dazzled ogling eyes upon her gown.
"To shoot Cape Sheep," honked Gafer Gander, "is fatal ... man and dog." 'ulping down more grapery.
In sorrow, the barkeep Ginner took down the glockenspiel at the g(a)-rail,
for no other grandiloquence could have graced ...
When galivanting pup Gadder galloped in and graced
the Grotto's g(a)-rail gripping a gargantuan albatross by the neck.
Up spoke the barkepp Ginner inside Grotto's centered lit g(a)-rail,
"The tongue is not of steel yet cuts, so too the albatross'glancing wing."
Between a gulp and a gurgle Gaffer Gander g-uffawed on grapery.
Old Gaffer Gander garbed in Grecian gown.
Then Ginner said, "Coup...,  your feathers graced not the arrow that brought down the bird's great wing."
" 'N giff-gaff, by your white ga-ga cackling neck in grapery,"
so g-witted Da me Gabby going round the brass g(a)-rail ring in gala gypsy gown.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of MollyBee Welkin.
Published on on 07/14/2008.


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