Manuela Schneider

Ecstacy of the blade

Nothing feels better
than this liberation
being free to kill when I want

I smile to myself
I can't get in trouble
I take the knife
and cut the flesh
watch it bleed
watch the itch
I can hear you cry
and see the pain
the tormented soul
with no one to blame

I hurt it good
I hurt it bad
a sadist
a masocist
with more to be had

I sink down low
watch the blood flow go
holding the blade
it's all my fault
I made the choice
I could have called out
I have a voice

I just can't take it
I kill the skin
Tear it up
and look within

And as the scar forms
All love torn
I can now see
I wasn't only hurting me


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Manuela Schneider.
Published on on 03/31/2005.


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