Markus Liebhart

Neptun Song

and finally I have enough


one last journey to your stone


and Ill swear to fight once more


from where you left me alone


where nothing ever leaves


where nothing ever dies


and your voice again, your voice again



past trail, past trap


(must be) the logic of war


ashamed I look towards those little lights


may there be room for you


to where you can return



one last chance to go upstairs


to watch the trees below your window


I take my secrets to the grave


your home is where I couldnt save you


nothing happens in the end



but youll return


in a world where no one ever leaves


and your voice again, and your voice again



and all that could have been / leaving a last time


so kind you were to me / you destroyed my soul


all of this is forgotten / you left me alone


all of that is lost


may there be a home for you



I am not worried anymore


I am moving forwards without you


because all that is forgotten


will return


and your voice again, and your voice again.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Markus Liebhart.
Published on on 03/18/2005.


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