Kitty Hamagochy

Kindness Is The Best Reward


It was the hottest day of the year and all the rivers in the forest were starting to dry up. Lamb, all fluffy small and white, was a servant to a young lion who had a black mane and dark tan fur. Master Lion was snuggled contently in his dark, cool cave accompanied by a well of which he could have all the water he needed. But today the well had gone dry. So Master Lion demanded Lamb to go and fetch him some water. As Lamb was his humble servant she did as Master Lion said and went to the farthest part of the forest where she knew there was usually water. But the creek where she normally got her water from was almost dry. Lamb took a large leaf from a near by tree and filled it with the last remaining, cool water.

On her way back she found Raven, a beautiful large black bird, dragging himself on the ground.

Lamb came up to the Raven “What is wrong dear Raven?” she asked politely.

“I have flown for so long with the sun beating down on my black feathers. I am so hot and need something to cool myself with.” Raven answered so full of exhaustion.

Lamb brought up the leaf from behind her and said “Please take a drink and perhaps dip your wings in to cool off.”

Raven did and was extremely grateful to Lamb.

“Now I must leave you dear Master Of The Sky or Master Lion will be angry with me.” responded Lamb.

“I am indebted to you!” Raven cawed to her as he watched the lamb quickly leave. He stretched out his wings an ascended into the air.

With that Lamb went on her way. As she passes by the old oak tree she heard a soft, squeaking noise. Lamb peered through the hole under the great oak’s roots where Mother Vixen, small and elegant, lived with her four cubs. Mother Vixen stood above one of her cubs, peering down at the runt of the litter, so small and frail, who was laying on the ground breathing heavily.

Lamb asked “What is wrong with you cub dear Mistress Of The Oak?”.

Mother Vixen answered in worriment “My baby is so thirsty and there is no water for so long and I can not leave my cubs alone for fear of those who seek to hunt us.” she spoke franticly.

“Fear not.” spoke Lamb kindly “For I have with me some water to revive him.” She brought up the leaf and the cub sat up slightly and drank to his hearts content.

“I thank you Lamb your kindness in unmatched. If there is anyway I can repay you look to the oaks for me” Mother Vixen almost cried.

Lamb smiled and was back on her way. She was only a short wile away from Master Lion’s den when she heard blunt wheezing from a clearing up ahead. She looked past the forest bush to spot Elder Wolf, his fur of silver gray but his body thin and frail from malnutrition, stumbling his way through the forest brush. Lamb became fearful of her life and began to trot away. But from a thud she turned and saw Elder Wolf laying motionless on the Earth‘s floor. Lamb approached slow and silently placing the leaf with the remaining liquid by him. But for fear he might give chase after his revival, she scurried off in the opposite direction.

As Lamb walked back to Master Lion’s den she hung her head in sadness for now she had no water to give to him. But she trotted back tired and huffing, for not even she had had a drink. She went inside and looked around for Master Lion. She found him in a corner sitting contently in the coolest part of his den.

She bowed her head low to Master Lion and said “I have no water to give you Master Lion.“

He looked to her bearing his long, white fangs “And why not?”

“Because on my way I encountered many thirstily animals and I did not feel right leaving them in that condition.” She told him honestly.

“Fine then sense you have no water I shall drink your blood!” Master Lion roared getting up and chasing her out of the den.

Master Lion chased her all around the forest until Lamb was cornered, at the bottom of a tall cliff. He roared and was about to pounce. Lamb covered her head with her hoofs and closed her eyes waiting for Master Lion to jump her. But this did not come for instead she heard a caw from above. She looked up to see Raven swoop down unto Master Lion, entangling his talons in Master Lion‘s mane. Lamb then heard a snarl and there running out of the forest brush was Mother Vixen and her cubs. They got hold of Master Lion’s stamping paws and swishing tail as so he could not move. But he easily swatted them away and roared loudly in victory.

“Now I shall finish you!” He called, glaring daggers at the timid lamb.

But before Master Lion could have his chance the animals heard a deep hunting howl from on top of the cliff face. They all looked up to see Elder Wolf staring menacingly down at Master Lion.

Elder Wolf called down “You dare heart an innocent soul so full of kindness? Then you do not deserve to reign here!”

Elder Wolf then sprang from the cliff and shot down towards Master Lion. Teeth exposed and clamped down to the Master Lion’s throat. Thus killing him.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Kitty Hamagochy.
Published on on 11/07/2007.


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