Saberi Roy

In God's Company

God Creator, Founder and CEO of Universe Inc.
Krishna Director of Universe Inc. and messenger revealed through Hinduism
Buddha Director of Universe Inc. and messenger revealed through Buddhism
Jesus Director of Universe Inc. and messenger revealed through Christianity
Muhammed- Director of Universe Inc. and messenger revealed through Islam
Special Appearances
Bahaullah - Director of Universe Inc. and messenger revealed through Bahaism
Newton Director of Universe Inc. and messenger revealed through Science
Einstein Director of Universe Inc. and messenger revealed through Science
Scene I A Road towards Gods Chamber
The message is clear. God, the elusive CEO of Universe Inc. wants to meet his officials in a private and high level meeting in his chamber.
Jesus and Buddha enter the stage
Jesus: Buddha, why do you think God called us? I have a feeling it is an urgent matter
Buddha: Yes, I think so too. God must be worried about something.
Krishna enters from the other end playing his flute
Krishna shouts on seeing Jesus and Buddha
Krishna: Hey you, nice to see you palslisten to my new composition, a breathtaking tune.listen
Krishna plays a melodious tune on his flute
Jesus and Buddha look at each other. Jesus smiles and Buddha looks elated too.
Jesus: This is really good, Krishna, no wonder you had all the women running after you, youre a musical genius!
Krishna (chuckles): See, now you guys are acknowledging my genius but it took you such a long time
Muhammed enters the stage
Muhammed: Allah! Jesus and Buddha are here, oh even Krishna! (Muhammed looks curious). Im surprised to see you all. Where are you headed?
Buddha: To see the boss, and you?
Muhammed: Oh is it? Im going to meet Allah as well. Do you know why he has called us all then?
Jesus: Sounds like a special and secret meeting since we are all invited. Anyway, we were just listening to Krishna, he has a new tune for us. Lets move now though. But as we move, could you play that again for Muhammed, Krishna?
Krishna plays on the flute as all four move on.
Muhammed: Such transcendental music, Krishna!
All four exit the stage and curtain drops.
Scene II Inside Gods Chamber
God the CEO, was seated at one end of an unshapely low wooden conference table staring at the dice, wondering whether he should begin playing. There was no one else in the chamber which was marked by beautiful flowers, plants, springs and a sweet fragrance. He looked up as the four directors entered.
God: There you are, all four of you. (God scrutinizes all the four directors with some curiosity). I can see youve maintained your own special dressing styles even here in heaven. Nice to have some individuality, I like your styles. Please be seated.
All the four men sit on both sides of God with Jesus and Buddha seated on the left and Muhammed and Krishna seated on the right.
God (looks a bit stressed): I called you here because there are some important management issues concerning the earth, or as Newton says planet earth. I would like to discuss these issues with you.
Muhammed: Yes Allah, we are here to listen
Krishna: Im all ears
Jesus and Buddha listen attentively but were quiet.
God (smiles): Well, as I already indicated in my message sent around to you, this meeting is on How to reveal Gods secrets on earth. The first important point that I would like to raise is well, give me your assessment, how successful have you been in your individual mission on earth?
Krishna: Oh hoso this is a re-assessment meeting, I already gave you one when I first returned from earth.
God: Yes I know that, but we have to understand and reassess matters according to the changes on earth, I am having growing concerns on whether humans will ever reach up to me, not physically but emotionally and spiritually. That is the main reason for which Ive called this meeting. I want to know whether you think that you have fulfilled the main purpose of your mission.
Buddha: Well, I never spoke about you in my preaching, if thats what you want to know and if you want to know why, well that was the best way. I never denied your existence, I left it open, that was for people to understand. My strategy has been based on subtlety, when you dont talk about something, people get curious and may want to know about that and in their curiosity, they will seek the truth and find you ultimately. Im confident about it. I showed them the path, the right path, but not you, I wanted them to find you by themselves. I wanted humans to be independent in their spiritual quest, I believe in their abilities, someday they will reach you. Ive never been direct its true but then I couldnt have been, people would have asked me who are you and I couldnt have told them.
Krishna: But Buddha, you never spoke about God, not once.
Buddha: I told you, that was my strategy, that was how I wanted it to be. I wanted that my descendants should reach truth and become independent in their spiritual journey. Each individual on earth should develop a unique and personal relationship with God, thats what God always wanted. So, I never tried to define God, love for God is too personal and I wanted to keep it that way and encourage everyone to seek or know God personally along the path I indicated by not talking about him. I showed them the way not the end or the goal, they are expected to find the goal.
God was listening to Buddha with utmost concentration.
God (finally breaking his silence): Sounds like an effective strategy Buddha, Im not displeased with you at all. You have done your best, I hope humans will reach me through your path. What about you Krishna?
Krishna: Well, I never tried to define you or put you within limits. But I dont agree with Buddha that we shouldnt talk about God at all. I tried to suggest that God controls time, place, events and that His power is limitless and that if we do the right act, He the almighty will be supportive, no matter what. I explained that God is manifested through events on earth and that way my explanation has been rather scientific in modern terms. I think my words had an impact on the kings I dealt with during my time on earth. Some followers consider me as the God.
Muhammed (looks impatient): Yes, thats because your followers believe in idol worship and need a human or personal image. My words had a lot of impact because I emphasized that the words I uttered were from God directly. That was the only way I could convince everyone and finally I succeeded in convincing a lot of people.
Buddha: Yes you convinced a lot of people but what you said are now sometimes misinterpreted and misrepresented and also somewhat misplaced.
Muhammed (looks disturbed): Like what?
Buddha: Like holy war. Some who claim to be your followers kill innocent people.
Muhammed: Yes I am aware. That is an unfortunate turn of events, I do want peace not killing indiscriminately. I did emphasize that following Islam is the most appropriate route to God, but arent we all using the same me-first strategy? I just promoted my competitiveness quite aggressively. But yes, a minority of my followers seem to be making me a scapegoat of their selfishness, its a sad world.
Jesus: Yes true. Ultimately we were all trying to reach the same goal and spread the same message. My path was salvation through suffering and I suffered to show that even through suffering and pain we can reach God, which is also a route, a path.
Muhammed: You suffered too much Jesus
God (smiles): Yes he did but as he said that was his way of showing the path, through pain, non-violence, patience and endurance and these are values which humans continue to learn from Jesus. Buddha represents wisdom and truth, Krishna symbolizes power and charm, Jesus stood for love and suffering and Muhammed represents competitiveness and knowledge. I chose my messengers to instill certain special attributes in humans. Humans should have learnt all this by now. But does your strategy work even now Muhammed?
Muhammed (reflective): Well, I do agree that it is misinterpreted by a minority. This is unfortunate, I admit. But you have to remember, my life was about struggles and when I lived on earth, holy wars were the only method of conquest and reconciliation, even Krishna knows and he too glorified war.
Jesus: Yes, but now people on earth speak of something called human rights, the right to live and it is true that all humans have a right to live and enjoy Gods gifts, I dont endorse war in any way.
Buddha: Yes, I think Jesus is right, now on earth, humans have a different concept of civilization and want to live in peace, people engaged in war are criminals, anti-socials. Its a different world now and most people want peace. Now, promoting war to reach God will never please anyone, not even God and can never be a solution to any problem on earth. This simply creates more problems and there is a need to change interpretations and understanding now according to the needs down there on earth. Although wars established by you are not used aggressively, the concept is misused and abused, something Im sure you dont want.
God (intervenes): I think we had enough talk of strategy, now the goal. How do you effectively reveal my secrets on earth? People on earth are clearly not interested in the goal, they are bothered about following a specific path and fight in the name of what is called religion, as youve all established.
Krishna (breaks his silence): Yes we are aware of that, our paths apparently seem to cross, conflict and have become all important and yet the goal of reaching you seems to have lost in the quagmire.
Bahaullah enters Gods chamber.
God looks up
God(elated): Bahaullah is here. Well, I sent him to solve this problem. I want humans to move beyond the paths and seek a goal, that is me. Please be seated Bahaullah.
Bahaullah greets everyone and takes a seat.
God (turns to Bahaullah): Were discussing how we can solve the problem of paths as through religions and show humans the necessity of reaching towards a goal by moving beyond these paths. I thought yours was a good strategy Bahaullah but youre relatively new here so you dont seem to have much of a strong position.
Bahaullah: True, but Ill succeed some day. I have emphasized on the equality of man and woman and harmony of science and religion, facts that are increasingly accepted on earth.
God: What if we send another Messiah to earth?
Krishna: Another Messiah? No, I dont think people will accept a Messiah anymore. Now anyone who claims to be a Messiah will be sent to a lunatic asylum and considered mentally ill what is the psychological condition called Buddha?
Buddha (chuckles): Paranoid schizophrenia. I guess, according to the psychologists, we all had this. Haha
The chamber fills with laughter.
God (thinks deeply in the meantime): True, no one will accept a Messiah, not even with miracles, many practice magic these days. But people accept science. Maybe thats a topic we can discuss in our next meeting.
Krishna (sits up): You mean yet another meeting within a short time? Two meetings on this issue? Come on, boss, what are you up to?
God stands up and grins.
God: Well, the meeting is over now. I just want to know how humans can reach the goal, I dont want them to remain lost in the paths. Thank you for attending and we will meet again soon.
God sits down again and takes up the dice from the table, thinking deeply while all others leave.
Scene III Outside Gods Chamber
Muhammed, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Bahaullah walk together pondering
Muhammed: Allah looks worried and depressed right? Hes not too pleased, he wants the love of people but hes not getting it.
Jesus: We all had the same mission, to spread the love of God and if humans are arguing instead of reconciling to understand the goal, its a problem.
Buddha (looks depressed): Humans are lost yet again. This seems to be a never-ending process, you cant get them out of their darkness.
Bahaullah: Im convinced they will be out of their darkness one day when they understand that you are all saying the same thing and only used different strategies according to your situational contexts. As God said, humans have to realize that the unified goal is more important than the separate paths.
The five of them walk, lost in thought and Krishna plays on the flute.
Newton and Einstein enter from the other end.
Bahaullah: Ah, the scientists are here too. Wonder what they are doing here.
Krishna: I guess they are simply late for the meeting
Jesus: So Newton, Einstein, where are you going?
Newton: To Gods chamber, we have a meeting with him.
Krishna: You are late guys, we are done. We had this meeting on How to reveal Gods secrets on earth and many issues were raised by the boss.
Newton and Einstein look at each other.
Einstein: In that case, we are not really late. Our meeting is on How to conceal Gods secrets on earth.
Muhammed (surprised): What?
Krishna, Jesus, Muhammed, Bahaullah, Buddha exchange surprised glances and Krishna whistles.
Buddha (whispers as the scientists leave): Gods clever, he wants people to reach him but he doesnt want them to know all his secrets so he is consulting scientists to know how far science can go.
All others nod, smile and walk on as Krishna plays on his flute yet again.
The End.
Copyright- Saberi Roy, September 30, 2007


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saberi Roy.
Published on on 10/04/2007.


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