Amy Tussing

The Man I First Loved

As I reflect upon the memories
From the tears of sadness,
From the laughter of gladness,
Even from the screams of madness,
I kneel down on my knees,
And I thank God that youre my Daddy.

I remember how mommy would kiss you goodbye,
Off to work she went, or to the store with groceries she had to buy,
I wanted to be just like her--
So Id kiss you too,
Saying, “Daddy, I love you.“
Why? Because you were, and still are the love of my life.
How I was just a little girl, I imagined one day being your wife.

Call me crazy, but I remember when you lifted me up so high,
Even without wings, I felt like I could fly-
Like I was a bird soaring into the great, blue sky...

One day, all of a sudden, you got sick, I started to cry...
I didnt know what would happen to me, I thought you would die.
I saw you in the hospital with tubes and I.V.s,
I never wanted to lose you, the love of my life.

You got better, eventually--and you were still by my side.

But here we are again, your bodys pale and weak-
Im an adult now, but still the same old child whos meek...
Scared to lose my Daddy...
I can only cry.

Now I scream in agony,
I dont know what will happen to me...
When I one day marry,
Who will walk beside me?

If he leaves me, Ill have a broken heart...
For the first man I ever loved
Will be in heaven above,
Its time to prepare myself,
I cannot fall apart...
For the man Ive always loved,
Would be looking down on me--
Keeping me warm, and so complete.

I love my Daddy,
Always have, Always will--
So Ill continue to pray,
And thank God for giving me today.

My father's been sick for a long time now, and I wanted to do something in honor of him. Now that Thanksgiving is here, I thought that a poem would be a perfect gift to express how I feel for him...after all, he's the first man I've ever loved. Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Amy Tussing.
Published on on 11/25/2004.


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