Amy Tussing

The Man I First Loved

As I reflect upon the memories
From the tears of sadness,
From the laughter of gladness,
Even from the screams of madness,
I kneel down on my knees,
And I thank God that youre my Daddy.

I remember how mommy would kiss you goodbye,
Off to work she went, or to the store with groceries she had to buy,
I wanted to be just like her--
So Id kiss you too,
Saying, “Daddy, I love you.“
Why? Because you were, and still are the love of my life.
How I was just a little girl, I imagined one day being your wife.

Call me crazy, but I remember when you lifted me up so high,
Even without wings, I felt like I could fly-
Like I was a bird soaring into the great, blue sky...

One day, all of a sudden, you got sick, I started to cry...
I didnt know what would happen to me, I thought you would die.
I saw you in the hospital with tubes and I.V.s,
I never wanted to lose you, the love of my life.

You got better, eventually--and you were still by my side.

But here we are again, your bodys pale and weak-
Im an adult now, but still the same old child whos meek...
Scared to lose my Daddy...
I can only cry.

Now I scream in agony,
I dont know what will happen to me...
When I one day marry,
Who will walk beside me?

If he leaves me, Ill have a broken heart...
For the first man I ever loved
Will be in heaven above,
Its time to prepare myself,
I cannot fall apart...
For the man Ive always loved,
Would be looking down on me--
Keeping me warm, and so complete.

I love my Daddy,
Always have, Always will--
So Ill continue to pray,
And thank God for giving me today.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Amy Tussing.
Published on on 11/25/2004.


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