Dan Graupner

Zombicious [Fragment]

"Whisper, whisper, fatous mister:
From deep inside thy all sinister
Voice thou hear - mourn & glister -
Introducing: Doubt, my sister

Knocking, knocking in your head
Changes are a major threat
To silence, when you lay in bed
But you listen - yet not dead?

Moving, moving through the skull
Make thou feel the empty hull,
Thy mind; - Been charmed by rusty lul-
labies declining fiercely null"

[But, oh my...
The small voice stops to surrutate
Becomes determined here to irritate]

"I am the Venom, the poison in your brain
The thing that always will remain
The Push-Things-Forward higher up
Mankind's fall - a level up
My Sister will then crack thy shell
Listen to what she will tell -
Confusing yours, dumb lamb, to penetrate,
Wising up, eventually illuminate!
Devour all your fears, I'll devour your dead meat
Rise, predator; carnivore, get on thy feet!
And kill, and tear, and rip apart
The past, thy world, so thou can start"


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Dan Graupner.
Published on e-Stories.org on 08/08/2007.


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