Arun Kurkute

an invitation

An Invitation




My dear, god of love


Oh! Hi, to you mate;


I am writing to you the invitation letter


And I am living over here better.



Lord, often thought of as terrific


But I feel you are the music of lyric


Lord in your Divine court I found


 no discrimination on any ground.



I would like to invite you as the guest


My heart as a lodge in it you rest,


Then youll be glorified by myself.



And my spirit-flame will


 be given to yourself.


With your kind help spirit-flame


Will be part of the joyous,


Divine Flame.



I hope you will hear this invitation


With your kind affection glory to you.





Arun Kurkute


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Arun Kurkute.
Published on on 07/20/2007.


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