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I cannot

I cannot know whether I still live tomorrow. But if not, I know that which I today say as last word stands there. I cannot know whether what I tell is still correct also in the future. But I white, I can today fully in addition. I cannot know whether the cancer in the body of my grandmother prevents that she hears these lines at all. But I white that all the same which happens all the memory on yesterday today and tomorrow the concerns relate. I cannot know whether I everything lose, because if the coincidence wants it, comes everything to case, no matter how reliably it works. I cannot know whether my plan functions. But I white, I must place today already surely that my child freezes not tomorrow. And I do not know yet whether everything pays, which from the pension times becomes. I do not know yet times, who governs the country straight. I cannot know whether property wins. But I know that which I make today tomorrow my future certainly. I cannot know whether the homeless person type at the corner takes the euro, which you give him and drinks him at the corner. I cannot know whether your child the pocket money does not verkifft. But I white, it does not count that you give, the remainder decide you. I cannot know, who the wiser one is. Is it the master, who speaks, or who master, who is not silent its breaks? I cannot know, what is not actually that the masses at all the flat Rappern find, me inspire those. I cannot know, why it simply like that is that five humans sit in the car and in the accident it only one gotten. I cannot know, why humans to get sick. But I know that even if the other God swear many patient to him thank. I cannot know, why the youth has ill thoughts? But we can probably thank you the ill conditions in the country. I white, here does not run a film, in which property wins. But I know that what I make determines my future. I cannot know whether I decide correctly, if I select whether on the left of or right, which take best path. I cannot know, whether I carry something out, perhaps ride I into the shit by the wrong way of thinking and end myself broke. Who knows! I cannot know, what I tomorrow still have. If I die, all the lay values do not come also into the grave. I cannot know, what tomorrow I still need. But I know, if I today which nices seh, I drauf shit and it to me buy. So! I cannot know whether it tomorrow which brings, if I today already more drber think, which the morning probably brings. I cannot know whether it is actually all the same: generally speaking circle of this world is the existence of individual humans nothing at all. I cannot know, obs andersrum one am and each individual particle generally speaking puzzle it coin/shape and make, what it is. Who knows! I cannot know whether property wins. But I know that what I make determines my future


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Published on e-Stories.org on 07/09/2007.


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