Sonja Nic Rafferty

Blackberries High

Ive to tell you a story ...

My blackberry bush is not normal, its too high
The berries are as black as coal that I want to try
One or the other, by the way if only I could, aye
Whenever I view them Ive to look up to the sky
Im always laughing but now I nearly start to cry
A friend (male!) was willing to hold me, I was too shy
Take the ladder, our next door neighbour said nearby
My wooden ladder is broken, dont ask me why!
Yummy! I will eat them with cream I need to buy
My cousin climbed up the bush, his name is Kai
He fell and scratched his hands, I offered an apology
Id really love to eat these blackberries I cannot deny
Nobody understands me, everybody says that I terrify
Do I need a blackberry bush exam to qualify?
Who will focus on blackberries and kindly give reply?
Phone me later, first Ill dream of blackberries, goodbye!

Ive to tell you a dream

My blackberry bush is not normal

July 19th, 2003 ~ Sonja Nic Rafferty


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonja Nic Rafferty.
Published on on 10/10/2004.


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